About us
      Hebei victor engineering materials co., LTD., after many years of accumulated development, the company has formed a highway maintenance technology research of new materials, new equipment, new technology research and development, design and construction such as highway maintenance the whole industrial chain. Business covers highway minor repair and maintenance and DaZhongXiu engineering, highway bridge maintenance and reinforcement, highway roadbed, road greening construction and maintenance, new technology and new materials for road maintenance of new equipment, new technology research and development and promotion, etc.
      The company insists on the idea of "innovation lead development". Company has formed a perfect problem oriented found, theory support, materials, equipment, process of research and development, the field of theory and practice of the organic integration of the system. Companies have a comprehensive treatment of rigid pavement trenchless type, structure facing, highway bridge bearing replacement, synchronous jack-up, steel box girder bridge beam body pusher and other technology in the leading level in the whole country.