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Bridge deck pavement replacement

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Bridge deck pavement replacement
Bridge deck pavement construction method, construction technology and matters needing attention

1. Construction method

Firstly, gouge the smooth surface of hollow slab and concrete members, and rinse them with high-pressure water without water accumulation.
Layout on the bridge deck surfacing mat reinforcement, reinforcement fabric laid to strictly comply with the design and specification requirements, when a > 20 ° oblique Angle should be set according to design requirements obtuse Angle steel, embedded steel expansion joints at the same time.
Bridge pavement concrete in the mixing station concentrated mixing, concrete mixing truck to the scene, pump truck sent to the bridge surface, vibration beam vibration, concrete rolling pressure.
After pouring and leveling, plastic film is used to cover and spray water for health.

2. Construction process

Gouge floating ballast, cleaning bridge deck, accurate lofting, binding steel, installation formwork, adjustment of steel, pouring concrete, concrete health, drainage hole installation

3. Construction technology and matters needing attention

1, before the construction of the bridge deck pavement, adjust hollow slab surface embedded bar codes, a complete measurement to the top of the hollow slab, leveling function to ensure that the design of the pavement layer thickness, chisel in addition to the ballast, floating pulp, mud, stone and other debris, and high pressure water is rinsed clean, after inspection, the bridge reinforcement assembling operations.
The position of reinforcement must conform to the requirements of the drawing, the placement of cushion blocks is reasonable, the reinforcement shall not be placed against the concrete floor, and the reinforcement shall be lowered at the drainage blind ditch.
2. Accurate lofting and elevation control.
In order to ensure the veracity of bridge deck elevation, the elevation control points used and the nearby elevation points are jointly measured.
In order to facilitate the construction, four elevation control points are drawn out on the bridge deck by four-level leveling.
Use the total station meter to set a range control point every 30 meters.
The curve sets a distance control point every 10 meters.
3, according to the requirements of the design drawings for steel binding operations, to ensure the firmness of steel mesh and protective layer thickness.
At the same time, attention should be paid to the embedded concrete guardrail reinforcement to ensure the accuracy of the location of the reinforcement.
4. Control of bridge deck elevation.
With Angle control, the Angle of 4 x 4 cm model, Angle is located in the edge on both sides of the fence within 15 cm, according to the mileage points, every 5 m measure, measure each point on the surface of the beam elevation, calculation of pavement layer thickness, disclosure to Angle steel erector, Angle after installation, accurate measurement, the Angle of elevation at various points and adjust the Angle of elevation to the design elevation, Angle between each point, drawing leveling, leveling, after every 2 m detection point elevation, and examine the stability of the Angle and the elevation difference of Angle steel joint.
5, Angle steel adjustment and check qualified, adjust the upper and lower protective layer of the steel mesh, so that the upper and lower protective layer is not too large or too small, protective layer adjustment, the hook bar on the beam surface hook to the bridge deck steel.
6. Concrete construction